With our custom design service, we consult and draw up all your joinery needs using AUTOCAD technology to assist with the design of your space. This enables us to produce 2D and 3D drawings and renders of your project allowing you to visualise your investment.


Our custom tailored design process adds to the character and essence of your project. We all have very different tastes and styles, and bespoke joinery is all about creating a unique feeling in every space.


Our design hub enables you to select from our range of in-house custom made door profiles and handles. We also supply various routed door selections, materials and colours to suit your taste whether it be contemporary or traditional. 


An extensive range of materials are available to personalise your space and create your vision. Mix & match all our different product selections to create your own unique space.


Choosing the right materials can be a daunting task, but our design hub has an extensive range of premium materials for you to select from.  Here are some of our preferred suppliers:

We are certified fabricators for Corian® Solid Surface, a cutting edge product which can be applied to multiple applications, from benchtops to decorative walls, used in wet/dry areas and also great for outdoor areas.


This product is highly unique in the sense that it has many great qualities. It is very durable and it stands up well to daily wear and tear. It comes in a deluxe range of colours and designs which will make any space look amazing. It is a solid material through it’s entire thickness and cannot wear away. It is also non-toxic and environmentally friendly.


For more information on this amazing product, please visit or contact us to organise an appointment to view this product.

Polytec is an Australian distributor of cabinet doors, panels, benchtops and laminates. They have a substantial range of materials which we use. Polytec are well known for their high quality materials and vast range of colours.

Our design hub has a broad range of samples and colour palettes for you to choose from and the possibilities are endless.

Intrend Joinery has also been featured on their website for one of our recent commercial projects which showcased their products in a contemporary office fitout. See more images of our project in our gallery here.

To view our project on the Polytec website click here, or for more information about their products, please visit



Blum is an international company which supplies fitting solutions for the modern home. Their range of solutions can be used throughout the entire home and include quality products such as drawer soft-close technology & hinge systems, touch-less lift systems, runners, draw box systems and much much more.


The kitchen is known as the most commonly used space in your home, and it can also be known as one of the messiest. Incorporating these highly innovative products into your kitchen helps keep everything in its place and organised, completes the overall look and feel of your kitchen and also makes it extremely practical too.


Blum have spent years researching the way people use different spaces throughout their home and continue to find ways to make dynamic spaces more productive. They constantly develop new products based on their Practical Cabinet Solutions concept, that’s why we choose Blum as one of our preferred suppliers and showcase a range of their products in our design hub.

You can book an appointment to see some of these products in action at our design hub, or you can visit to find out more information on their entire range of solutions which we can incorporate into your home or kitchen design.


Wilson & Bradley offer practical, innovative and quality kitchen and cabinetry hardware. They provide access to some of the leading local and international brands of home fittings available on the retail market. They have a wide range of solutions to meet all of your design needs in order to create premium finishes throughout your home.

Some of the quality products that they supply are things such as Handles, Kitchen Bins, Cutlery Trays, Laundry Baskets, LED Lighting and so much more. All these fittings will make your home functional and complete the look of your home.

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Due to the NSW Government’s current public health orders in response to the evolving COVID-19 situation in Greater Sydney, Intrend Joinery's manufacturing will cease to operate from the 19th July 2021 until at least the 30th July 2021. During this time, our office will continue to operate remotely via email/phone correspondence as required. We will keep you informed of any further information as it is made available by the NSW Government.